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Why book with us

The Travel Advisors at Sylvania Travel & Cruise recommend product for holidays that we have personally experienced, researched extensively or received positive feedback from a happy customer.

The service that we provide is the consultation with you and the organisation of the holiday itinerary.

As an example, similar to an Interior Designer, they don't provide the furnishings and we don’t provide the planes, they don't make the paint or wallpaper and we don’t provide the hotels, but like an Interior Designer designs a room, we design a holiday experience.

Our professionalism and reputation has given us the ability to attract enthusiastic and passionate advisors with many years of travel experience. We go above and beyond to ensure your holiday is one that will be always remembered. We use our expertise and connections to curate the products and services necessary to deliver an experience you may not have been able to create yourself.

Each of our travel advisors is an advisor and the business receives remuneration by a combination of fees for service and commission. This then provides revenue to run a sustainable business.

Due to COVID-19 our role has changed and we appreciate that you recognise the reality and the fact that a Travel Agency needs an income stream. We now act as a debt collector to recover your funds rather than a Travel Advisor, and in order to survive this current situation, we charge a recovery fee for each segment booked as well as the initial professional fee that was earned to organise your original holiday.

We plan on booking your holidays for 2021 and look forward to the day of becoming travel advisors again.