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Our dealings with "Sylvania Travel and Cruise"

We have just returned from 104 days of cruising around the world. Last year we spent 42 days travelling around South America and before that ... a European River Cruise. We love to travel, but we must have the best advise and help to organise it all. There is lots to arrange - dates and times, hotels, Airlines and transport, tours and guides, meals, bags and all the stuff you may forget ... you need real help! Do what we do ... see the friendly staff at "Sylvania Travel and Cruise", down at Southgate shopping centre in Sylvania. The best advise and real knowledge based on real experience, they also love to travel and they want to help you get the most from your vacation at the right price. We like dealing with "Sylvania Travel and Cruise", their friendly attitude and love for travel makes it all worth going in to see them. You won't be disappointed!

Thanks to Sylvania Travel and Cruise

Loretta and Paul Touzell .

To whom it may concern

I Raymond Newey am an avid traveller and have experience 130 plus countries including 47 in Africa.

Vivien Davies of Luxury Travel (Helloworld) has been arranging and organising my travel itineraries for the past 10 years and her skills, ability and knowledge of travel is amazing!

I have 15 friends and each 2 years I take them on a cycling holiday to various parts of the world and Vivien organised the past 2 trips which were to France and this year, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa.  My friends after experiencing her talent are also booking with her for private tours.

Vivien is a credit to the travel industry.  Her and staff are well trained to deliver to the travelling public the attention, information and knowledge which is not apparent in most agencies today.

I wish her and Helloworld well with registering for ‘Agency of the year’ as I genuinely believe she would be a frontrunner and deserving of the recognition.


Best regards,

Raymond Newey OAM

Sylvania Travel & Cruise are an excellent travel company.  The team, every time, go out of their way to work with you in creating a holiday which always exceeds expectations.  Their knowledge of the travel industry and commitment to only recommending tours and accommodation of the highest standard guarantees that we enjoy excellent experiences each time we travel.  I have been using Sylvania Travel & Cruise for my travel bookings for four years.  I find them a professional, dedicated, hard working and honest group of travel consultants with whom I have the utmost trust and know they will strive to plan the most enjoyable travel experiences for myself and my family.  I would strongly recommend Sylvania Travel & Cruise to anyone planning travel. Maureen Hanly