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Important: Travel advice in relation to Corona virus.

31 March 2020

We at Sylvania Travel & Cruise thank you for your continued support in these unprecedented times, and would like to reach out and let you know what we are doing.


Sylvania Travel & Cruise’s key priorities are to ensure we continue to meet the needs of you, our customers, as well as the health and safety of our staff.

If you have a current booking with us we will be in touch to discuss your options, alternatively if you have a query please email info@sylvaniatravel.com.au. Please expect delays with regard to a reply.

Whist everyone is affected with the current situation in some form, we ask you to work with us and give us time to process your booking, refund or credit.  In some cases, where we initially advised a refund would be processed by a tour company/airline/hotel, their policies are changing and you may receive a future travel credit instead.

Professional fees that we have earned on your booking, cannot be refunded as that money is, and has been, used to pay staff wages and rent. We will contact you on an individual basis regarding your refund or credit, and please be aware that we are unable to issue a refund until the monies have been received from the relevant party.

Sylvania Travel & Cruise is now in Hibernation.

We look forward to assisting you all with travel plans again in the future.


What is Hibernation?  Prime Minister Scott Morrison says:

The Federal Government is putting the Economy into hibernation, allowing businesses to emerge after the coronavirus crisis, and resume and rehire without crippling debts.

"The idea is simple — there are businesses which will have to close their doors," Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.

"They will have to keep them closed either because we have made it necessary for them to do so, or simply there is just not the business to keep their doors open, example: the travel Industry.

"We want those businesses to start again. And we do not want, over the course of the next six months or as long as it takes, for those businesses to be so saddled by debt, so saddled by rental payments, so saddled by other liabilities, that they will not be able to start again on the other side."

"The key here is to come up with a fair and equitable way to spread the pain, so that everyone has the best possible opportunity to be there on the other side."  He says

Please look after your families and stay safe.

Sincerely, Vivien & Sonia.

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